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July – December 2020 | Multiversity | University|Yliopisto‘s Year Three [website + zine + lecture-performance] with the support of Aalto University (FI) and Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli . Campo Alegre (PT).

1-11 September 2020 | (Artistic) Residency | One-semester laboratory and performance for the Major in Theatre at Minho University (Guimarães) mentored by Rogério Nuno Costa in collaboration with the students.

26 September 2020 | Dramaturgy and Choreography | Workshop led by Rogério Nuno Costa for Grau Zero da Companhia, produced by Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, Cineteatro António Lamoso, Feira.

EURODANCE | Dance performance by Rogério Nuno Costa | 17 October 2020: Festival Contradança, Gouveia | 21 November 2020: Cineteatro António Lamoso, Feira | More.

21 November 2020 | Sistema Infinitamente Imaterial | Editorial coordination for the 25th anniversary catalogue of BCN | Cineteatro António Lamoso (Sta. Maria da Feira, PT).


2019-2020 | €UROTRA$H, annual dance program curated by Rogério Nuno Costa for Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte. Throughout 2020, the complete set of documental materials, including a behind-the-scenes video, will be published. Later in the year, the full program is being shown in two intensive nights at mala voadora (Porto, Portugal). Check the link for complete info about past and future activities.

2020 | (Re=)Initiation | Co-direction, curating and dramaturgy for the online project produced by BCN and collectively choreographed by a group of performing and visual artists. Website HERE.

2020-2021 | After the proto-laboratories that took place in Arnhem (The Netherlands), Bucharest (Romania), Helsinki (Finland) and Funchal (Portugal), the meta-academic project UNIVERSITY | YLIOPISTO will be back to the place(s) where it all started and have a final year with a new set of lectures, workshops, think tanks and publications. Confirmed presentations to happen in Lisbon and Porto throughout the year. Check the link for full calendar and the project’s wordpress for further in-depth information.


“My professional debut in the performing arts happened 20 years ago this month (November 2019). […] I could just go with the mainstream celebratory narrative and inform you all that there is a new theatre performance coming in 2020 (the first since 2014), plus the re-creation of an old one, a website, a publication, a meta-school, a brand new collaboration, several trips to places where I used to be happy, and a couple of trips to places that I haven’t visited yet. […]”


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