April/September 2021 | 1917-1921 | Performance + Book. Concept & text by Rogério Nuno Costa in collaboration with Luís Lázaro Matos, Kristian Palmu, Niko Skorpio, Pie Kär, Colectivo FACA, Jani Nummela, among others. More HERE.

13 May 2021 | F for Food | (Food) performance by Chef Rø [aka Rogério Nuno Costa] | Galeria Dínamo, Porto (Portugal) More HERE.

May/June 2021 | MULTIVERSITY | Lecture-performance, publication & website | May: Rua das Gaivotas6 (Lisbon); May/June: Campus/Teatro Municipal do Porto (Porto); June: Aalto University (Helsinki).


2020_21 | Sistema Infinitamente Imaterial | Editorial coordination for the 25th anniversary catalogue of Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte | Cineteatro António Lamoso (Sta. Maria da Feira, PT). More: www.balletcontemporaneonorte.com

2015_2022 | University|Yliopisto | Meta-academic project coordinated and curated by Rogério Nuno Costa, comprising experimental laboratories, lecture-performances, publications and more. Website [in-progress] HERE.

2020 | (Re=)Initiation | Co-direction, curating and dramaturgy for the online project produced by BCN and collectively choreographed by a group of performing and visual artists. Website HERE.


“My professional debut in the performing arts happened 20 years ago this month (November 2019). […] I could just go with the mainstream celebratory narrative and inform you all that there is a new theatre performance coming in 2020 (the first since 2014), plus the re-creation of an old one, a website, a publication, a meta-school, a brand new collaboration, several trips to places where I used to be happy, and a couple of trips to places that I haven’t visited yet. […]”


Ubiquitous me:

artwork © Jani Nummela