EURODANCE is a geopolitical and techno-emotional hecatomb, a 190 beats-per-minute countdown to the End Of The World, a bad trip inside a rave-flight Hamburg/Ibiza with an elliptic stopover in Pará and an emergency landing for fuel in Luanda, a psychotropic drug also known as Azeitegeist™ [the cheeziness state of the arts]. EURODANCE is a post-apocalyptical documentary produced by the Department of Vintage Scatology at the Pre-Human Cultural Studies Institute of the New World, researching in the last decade of the Ancien Régime, when the World was written in capital letters and there was no epistemological difference between Art and Sports; all artists were backup dancers of a universal cosmic music band. EURODANCE dances in European™, with Novilingua™ subtitles. It steals its lyrics from Slavoj Žižek shamanic prophecies and from Dr. Phil’s alterdogmatic philosophy (the first cyborgs in History); it steals beats from the pre-apocalyptical ethics behind the mashup movement, and from the anti-social morals behind tecnobrega movement; and it steals artworks from the proto-post-pop aesth(ethics) behind Jeux Sans Frontières, and from the re-re-realist ethics behind the opening ceremony of the Peking Olympics. EURODANCE is technotronic, is clubby, is high, is megalo-colonialist, is etno-musical, is bubblegum pop, is happy hardcore, is chipmunk, is autotune, is playback, is canned rave’ioli, is vengaboys, is hairdo’s and hairdon’ts, is pisang ambom, is electroschlager, is technocheezy, is bumper cars, is trance’genic aerobics, is progressive fitness, is body-pump-up-the-jam, is macarena, is dee-dee-na-na-na, is contemporary rococo. EURODANCE goes back to all fin-de-siècle nightmares, because it ambitions a retroactive correction of Reality: the World did really end in the night of the 31st December 1999, when computers weren’t able to recognize the binary language anymore, and the world (small printed!) collapsed. Therefore, EURODANCE is a meteoric party, a tribute to all those who haven’t died (yet). A journey back to the 90s; a journey back to the Present™.

E U R O D A N C E from Rogério Nuno Costa on Vimeo.

EURODANCE was created within the program “Outros Formatos” (2014), curated by Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte. It’s the choreographic study for the musical theatre show €TRASH, by Rogério Nuno Costa, to be premiered in 2019.
Direction, Choreography, Text, Video: Rogério Nuno Costa | Dancers: André Santos, Dinis Machado, Luís André Sá, Mariana Tengner Barros, Susana Otero | Direction Assistance: Joclécio Azevedo | Light Design: Daniel Oliveira | Costumes: Jordann Santos | Photography: Miguel Refresco | Artwork: Diogo Mendes | Remix & Cover: Belamix feat. Too Limited™ [Mariana Tengner Barros & Rogério Nuno Costa] | Costumes Assistance: Cristiana Fonseca | Production: Inês Nogueira | Thanks: Sonoscopia, Mala Voadora, A22, Xana Novais, Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli, ESMAE, TeCA, Ana Carvalho, Pedro Barreiro.
Tour: Centro Cultural de Milheirós de Poiares (Santa Maria da Feira, 2014), Mala Voadora (Porto, 2015), Armazém 22 (Vila Nova de Gaia, 2016), Teatro Sá da Bandeira (Santarém, 2016).
Next confirmed dates: Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon (Portugal), 6-7 October 2017