€TRA$H is a post-apocalyptical rave party theatre/dance macro-project, comprising live shows, eurodance techno parties, music videos, post-apocalyptical essays, among other special appearances. The project is directed by Rogério Nuno Costa with the collaboration of Mariana Tengner Barros and a large group of invited performers, dancers, musicians and thinkers. The first in-progress presentation took place in October 2013 at Edifício AXA/1.ª Avenida (Porto, Portugal) with an after-party at the club Passos Manuel, featuring Passos de Aerobica and DJ Sininho. Late in 2014, Rogério Nuno Costa choreographed the dance piece EURODANCE for Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte (Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal), a piece which is now the core act of the €TRA$H label. In 2015, the fictitious eurodance act Too Limited™ [official €TRA$H band fronted by Rogério as MC Rø and Mariana as MissIbiza] joined the crew of Passos de Aerobica in their first appearance in the city of Lisbon (MusicBox, AerobicaBattles); they are now the official hosts of a series of parties that are going to start popping up all across the country. Their first EP will burst the dance floors in late 2016.

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Dress Code (mandatory) — Ibiza MTV Beach Party 1993 meets motard concentration in Algarve 1994.