€TRA$H is a post-apocalyptical rave performance, a multi-disciplinary project comprising live shows, eurodance/techno parties, music videos, post-apocalyptical essays, among other special treats. The project is directed by Rogério Nuno Costa with the collaboration of Mariana Tengner Barros and a diverse group of performers, dancers, musicians and researchers. The first in-progress presentation took place in October 2013 at Edifício AXA/1.ª Avenida (Porto, Portugal) with an after-party at the club Passos Manuel, featuring Passos de Aerobica and DJ Sininho. “Mandatory dress code: Ibiza MTV Beach Party 1993 meets motard concentration in Algarve 1994”. Late in 2014, Rogério Nuno Costa choreographed the dance piece EURODANCE for Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte (Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal), a choreographic exercise inspired by €TRA$H that gained its own autonomy over the years. In 2015, the fictitious eurodance act Too Limited™ [official €TRA$H band fronted by Rogério as McRø and Mariana as MissIbiza] joined the crew of Passos de Aeróbica in their first appearance in the city of Lisbon (AerobicaBattles event at MusicBox). In 2017, Too Limited™’s first and only single — “No Unlimits” — was recorded at Bela Studios (Almada, Portugal) and later incorporated in the presentation of EURODANCE at Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisbon) that year. All the developments of €TRA$H and EURODANCE (2013-2017) are at the core of the annual cross-disciplinary program curated by Rogério Nuno Costa for Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte in 2019 — €UROTRA$H.

Artistic Direction: Rogério Nuno Costa | Performers & Co-Creators: António MV, Mariana Tengner Barros, Rogério Nuno Costa | Guest DJ: Sininho | Philosophical Consultancy: Elagabal Aurelius Kaiser | Light Design & Technical Direction: Eduardo Pousa | VJ: António MV | Costumes, Props, Set Design: Jordann Santos | Special Guest: André Santos [aka Andriuxxxa] | Barwomen: Cátia Pinheiro, Mirró Pereira | Security + PR: José Nunes | All songs by Too Limited™ [MissIbiza aka Mariana Tengner + McRø aka Rogério Nuno Costa] | “No Unlimits” produced by Belamix | Production: Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica | Residency: mala voadora | Thanks: Passos de Aeróbica, Passos Manuel, Edifício AXA/Porto Lazer, MusicBox, A Bela Associação, Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, Jonny Kadaver