“Realpolitik” started as a text/essay about the “end of the world” and the introduction of a brand new ethic/aesthetic post-human era. It was then turned into a theatre show, directed by Rogério Nuno Costa in collaboration with 4 performers from the Círculo de Iniciação Teatral da Academia de Coimbra (CITAC). The theatre show explores the presentation of 4 computer-made characters, half-human half-machine, specifically prepared to terminate all human species, the only way for the Planet Earth to survive after 2012 Apocalypse. On the Other Side, the survivors are expected to re-build the World following a hyper-surveilled system able to impose a post-dystopian society, where Pop is the only possible spirituality…

Concept/Text/Dramaturgy/Mise-en-ScèneRogério Nuno CostaPerformers: João Ferreira da Silva, Nilce Vicente Carvalho, Pedro Fernandes, Vanessa Teixeira. Assistance: Roger Madureira. Video: Leandro Silva. Light Design: Paula Gaitas. Special Participation: João Viegas. Production: CITAC.


“Reapolitik” is now about to be published in the first number of the namesake magazine, one of the materializations of the macro-project “University/Yliopisto“, a Luso-Finnish trans-virtual and trans-national pedagogical platform for non-Art thinking and theory. Brief résumé of the text/play:

REALPOLITIK is a post-human corporation serving the advancement of medical biochemistry, aerospace transportation, meta-tropic entertainment and megalo-physic engineering. It is also a theatre performance, that is: a video-game, a science fiction TV series, a Hollywood movie about the Apocalypse, an iPhone application about the (Real) politics of survival. For the transmutation of the strings theory into a winds theory, as if the End Of The World “as we (don’t) know it” implied a new Adam and a new Eve, à l’etat gazeux. “Realpolitik” is also a trans-generic and psychotropic medicine, to be taken before boarding to the Other Side, in order to prevent quantum sickness and other common confusions between Art and Sports. Therefore, “Realpolitik” is for the creative industries what nocebos are for pharmacology: it only provokes the secondary effects (27-D glasses are offered by the flight’s crew). In English, “Realpolitik”  means ‘eradication of the species’. In numerical code: ‘2012’.