A Leitura Encenada É Um Género Que Não Faz O Meu Género


A “spectacle” is something that attracts our gaze and our attention; it’s a contemplation. A “spectator” is someone who looks at a “spectacle”. An “actor” is someone who acts. This is not a spectacle. Magritte’s pipe was, de facto, a pipe. We are not surrealists. We are hyper-realists. We’re present, but we have no need to attract gazes nor attentions. Do not contemplate us, do not believe, crucify us instead. Very “well done” performances are the type of surreal stuff we don’t do.

“A Leitura Encenada É Um Género Que Não Faz O Meu Género” [A Staged Reading Is A Type That Doesn’t Make My Type] is a dramatically impossible theatrical event, filled with disposable ideas, glued together with saliva, to laugh at and throw away. It has a little bit of everything, so to please Greeks and Trojans. It is no mysterious, no enchanting at all. We want it to be attended without the tridimensional glasses that are commonly be given to spectators before the shows; that is to say, this show has absolutely no tricks up its sleeve — everything is crystal clear! Furthermore, it is a tribute to those voluminous human beings who know how to think, and to William Shakespeare for being such an important dead of Western culture.

“A Leitura Encenada É Um Género Que Não Faz O Meu Género” was co-produced by Companhia de Teatro de Braga, having premiered at Espaço Alternativo PT, in Braga (Portugal). The show was written, directed and performed by Rogério Nuno Costa, with the special participation of 4 performers, a musician and a photographer.

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