Believe or not, my name is Rogério Nuno Costa.

I’m a Portuguese performance artist, theatre director, actor, dramaturgist, researcher, teacher, curator and writer based in Finland and Portugal. My work revolves around the tensions between Art and Communication, Literature and Journalism, Performance and Documentation. My main interest lies on the by-products of art making rather than Art as such, suggesting performative/ephemeral actions that are grounded on archival and other documental operations. My performances, lectures, installations and texts explore the fields of theatre, dance, visual arts and literature, taking place (and time) in both public and private contexts, interconnecting popular and erudite culture, autobiographical discourses and informational/communicational strategies (social media, guerrilla advertising, conceptual propaganda, piracy). I have a major in Communication Sciences, having later expanded my studies in Contemporary Art History and Contemporary Culture & New Technologies at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal). Currently doing research within the frame of Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art at Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Finland), developing a series of meta-pedagogical activities concerning the project University|Yliopisto. Member of the Performance Studies Research Group at CEHUM (University of Minho, Portugal). Active collaborator of Estrutura, theatre company directed by Cátia Pinheiro and José Nunes, taking the roles of artistic consultant, dramaturgist, co-director and performer. Since 2015, I have been leading the Documentation Management (archival and editorial direction) at Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, contemporary dance company where I am also an Associated Artist. I have curated educational and performing art programs for Armazém 22 and Forum Internacional de Gaia (Portugal), as well as the annual dance program €UROTRA$H, for Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte. I usually write for art/culture publications and I am often invited to participate in lectures and talks, mainly about documentation practices. I have also been teaching, lecturing and directing workshops, seminars and masterclasses in academic institutions such as Escola Superior de Artes e Design (Caldas da Rainha), Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Lisbon), Faculdade de Belas Artes (Lisbon), Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Arnhem, The Netherlands) and Faculdade de Letras (Coimbra). Currently teaching the Major in Theatre at Universidade do Minho (Guimarães, Portugal). I am also one of the Advisors for the ongoing Major and Doctoral projects at Transart Institute (Berlin & New York). Apart from my own performance work, I have been invited to write and direct theatre and dance performances for other artists and companies, also playing the roles of dramaturgist, artistic consultant and editor. I have performed in theatre, dance, performance art, film and cross-disciplinary projects directed/choreographed/curated by Lúcia Sigalho/Sensurround Theatre Company, Teatro Praga, Rosa Coutinho Cabral, Teresa Prima, Mariana Tengner Barros, Susana Mendes Silva, João Cabral, Cão Solteiro, Alain Béhar, Nelson Guerreiro, Miguel Bonneville, Marina Nabais, Hugo Amaro, Casa Conveniente, Estrutura, Daniel Pinheiro, Jordann Santos, Eduarda Neves, Patrícia Portela, Sónia Baptista, Sofia Neuparth, among others. Under the alias Chef Rø, I have developed a series of projects where Gastronomy, Art, Science, Anthropology and Philosophy merge: underground dining, audio/visual cooking shows, video-installations, “conceptual” food writing and food performances, collaborating with fashion and culinary blogs and online magazines, chefs/restauranteurs and numerous performing and visual artists interested in the poetics of cooking/eating. Starting in 1999, my work has already been shown in France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Finland, Romania, USA and Canada, with the support of prestigious cultural/academic institutions and performing arts festivals.