(Portugal/Finland, 2012-2018)

“Universidade” (English: University; Finnish: Yliopisto) is an educational macro-project concerning many themes already explored in previous works (above all the curatorial project “The Spectator’s Opportunity” and all the activities related with the art manifestos “Dogma 2005” and “Third Way“). Therefore, it still focuses on the philosophical concept of “non-artistic thinking”, or the idea of an art that comes after its death — a post-post-art. Methodologically speaking, the project introduces itself as a trans-artistic, trans-national, virtual and pedagogical laboratory for the building of an altermodern “university” from scratch, sustained by a learning system purposefully created for the annulment of Art by the means of Art itself. Its main inspiration comes from the vast plethora of ethical and aesthetic issues related to mashup culture, virality, Kopimist policies, Pop culture, Peta-Byte age, “finlandization” political science theory (when applied to Art), quantum gastronomy, the Systems Theory crossed by the Strings Theory (turned into a Winds Theory) and a brand new set of operational concepts to be announced as new avant-gardes (or new -isms) — for a full overview of themes (statements, hypothesis, assumptions, interrogations), please read the text “Never skip the intro, stay there!” that introduces this pseudo-website.

University will happen between two countries (Portugal and Finland) with virtual connections with the rest of the World, and physical appearances (in the form of masterclasses, lectures, workshops, group sessions and publications) in some cultural and academic institutions across Europe. The first experimental school year (2012/13), also known as Year Zero, was filled with 3 different performance works with a strong conferential/documental approach to the aforementioned themes: “(Artistic) Residency” (2012), “Realpolitik” (2012) and “Third Way™” (2013/14). More information concerning the Year One (2014/15) activities and the edition of the first number of the University official magazine “Realpolitik” will be published soon!

(PT) Macro-projeto de pegadogia virtual trans-nacional e trans-artística. Uma escola para ensinar a anular a arte através da Arte (ou vice-versa). Um laboratório de experiências Pop. Uma master class intitulada “A preguiça como novo avant-garde”. Um workshop intensivo de Kopimismo. Um magazine cooltural. E, no fim, um partido poolítico, finlandizado e triste.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE [under construction]

OFFICIAL BLOG [Only in Portuguese]




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