Residência (Artística)


Along with “Realpolitik” (2012) and “Third Way™” (2013/14), “(Artistic) Residency” is the first stage experimentation for the macro-project “University/Yliopisto“. It gathered 6 performers in a one-month intensive residency (in the towns of Torres Vedras and Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal), in order to research around Laziness™ as a new artistic avant-garde, as well as the concepts of failure and political resignation. The result is a live performance and a video documentary. Program’s statement:

About a place we temporarily inhabit. About the anguish of having to fill that place with signifying moments. About the will of doing nothing. About the Bartleby syndrome when applied to life (not art). About laziness as a new avant-garde. This show started in an artistic residency; after one month of pure leisure, nothing has actually changed, so artistic residency had become its own title: “(Artistic) Residency”. The word artistic had to be put in brackets since we acknowledged that the apocalyptical quality of an EPIC FAIL is not always reputable. We wanted this show to be the worst of 2012. It had to be an unusual (yet “real”) encounter between the will to do a show and the will of doing nothing, between the gratuity of an inconsequent gesture and the obsession for the search of meanings (therefore, “consequences”), between the 20th century nostalgia (who gave us the worst inheritance ever: “Be Yourself!”) and the desire for an immaterial and cyborg existence. “(Artistic) Residency” is a hipster tribute to Banality™ and it represents our heartbroken faith in an attitude that is, aesth(ethic)ally speaking, criminally and politically resigned: WE DO NOT GIVE A SHIT TO THE WORLD. And this is not rhetorics, this is Love™. Moreover, this is about the art of acknowledging that the glass is neither half full nor half empty; it’s just a glass with water.
Direction_Rogério Nuno Costa. Performers_André Santos, David Bernardes, Diana Coelho, Marta Coelho, Roger Madureira, Tânia Figueiras Ribeiro. Collaborators_João Garcia Miguel, Tiago Loureiro, António Palma, Peter Shuy, Nuno Miguel, Raquel Matos.
Co-production_O Espaço do Tempo
Support_Balleteatro, ESTUFA, Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras



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