Residência (Artística)

About a place we temporarily inhabit. About the anguish of having to fill that place with signifying moments. About the will of doing nothing. About the Bartleby syndrome when applied to life (not art). About laziness as a new avant-garde. This show started in and originated from an artistic residency; after one month of pure leisure, nothing has really changed in or within the performers, so the artistic residency had become a title: (Artistic) Residency. The word (artistic) had to be put in brackets since they acknowledged the apocalyptical quality of the EPIC FAIL, which, tragically enough, is not always reputable… They wanted the performance to be the worst of 2012! It had to be an unusual (yet “real”) encounter between the will to do a performance and the will to do nothing, residing somewhere between the gratuity of an inconsequent gesture and the obsession for the search of meanings (therefore: consequences), between a certain 20th century nostalgia that left us with the worst legacy ever (“Be Yourself!”) and the desire for the achievement of an immaterial cyborg existence. Under these paradigmatic conditions, (Artistic) Residency presents itself as a “hipster” tribute to Banality™, spectacularizing emptiness and vacuity. It represents a heartbroken faith towards an attitude that is politically dismissive: they don’t give a shit about the World™. And this is not rhetorics, this is Love™. Moreover, this is about the art of recognizing that the glass is neither half-full nor half-empty; the glass is just a glass. With water.

Along with Realpolitik (2012) and Third Way™ (2013/14), (Artistic) Residency was created during the first experimental phase of the meta-academic project University / Yliopisto, gathering 6 performers, 1 director and documentarist, 1 fashion designer and 1 photographer in a one-month intensive residency divided between two cities: Torres Vedras (ESTUFA – Plataforma Cultural) and Montemor-o-Novo (O Espaço do Tempo). Failure, queer identities, political resignation, radical pedagogies, counter-cultures were researched topics, whose collective discussion was eventually staged in a half/fiction half/reality show. The live performance was accompanied with a video documentary and a fanzine.

Direction_Rogério Nuno Costa | Performers_André Santos, David Bernardes, Diana Coelho, Marta Coelho, Roger Madureira, Tânia Figueiras Ribeiro | Collaborators_João Garcia Miguel, Tiago Loureiro, António Palma, Peter Shuy, Nuno Miguel, Raquel Matos | Co-production_O Espaço do Tempo | Support_Balleteatro, ESTUFA, Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras.

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