PRADO is a ruminating platform that brings together artists and collaborators from different areas, looking for intersecting spaces between different artistic, theoretical, performing, scientific and literary forms. It is Prado’s aim to spread themselves (in a literal but also in a more complex sense), over as many spheres of action (physical and/or virtual) as possible, looking always for other ways of meeting the audience, other artists, authors and all collaborators, promoting a confrontation that they hope will always be healthy and critical in relation to the world of today. Throughout the year 2010, Chef Rø [aka Rogério Nuno Costa] created a group of food performances/events, along with Prado’s Patrícia Portela and many other artists and collaborators:
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NOITES RUMINANTES (Ruminant Nights, 2010). Three gastronomic and musical events produced by Prado/espaço ruminante, at Teatro Municipal S. Luiz’s Winter Garden (Lisbon, Portugal). First event: Chef Rø’s Private Collection (inspired by Patrícia Portela’s theatre work about the fictitious character Acácio Nobre). Second event: Food Must Be Beautiful (inspired by Marina Abramovic’s performance work). Third event: Around The World In 80 Minutes (inspired by Jules Verne’s oeuvre).
BUFFET MICRO-BIOLÓGICO (Micro-Biological Buffet, 2010). A conceptual tasting menu and a Molecular Gastronomy workshop held during the event Microorganisms Universal Day, produced by the Science Pavillion and Prado/espaço ruminante in Lisbon (Portugal). The whole event was devised by Patrícia Portela and Mark Deputter.
AMIGOS COLORIDOS (Friends With Benefits, 2010). Foodjaying event for the closing party of Alkantara Festival, produced by Prado/espaço ruminante. At Teatro Municipal S. Luiz’s Winter Garden (Lisbon, Portugal).
AUTO-RÁDIO ALKANTARA (Alkantara Auto Radio, 2010). An online radio project by Prado, coordinated by Patrícia Portela and Maria João Guardão. Presentation and participation in many shows (interviews, talks, text readings) broadcasted during Alkantara Festival 2010 (Lisbon, Portugal), as well as the first launching of Vou À Tua Mesa/Going To Your Table [Radio Show], a culinary sound experience by Chef Rø, with the collaboration of 10 performing artists.
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