Pop Rø


POP RØ is not a BRAND (new thing), yet the confirmation (made official now) that “Vou À Tua Mesa” [literally: I Go To Your Table] never was and never will be a metaphor! That is: Pop Rø is an exciting, unpredictable, techno-emotional and artistic pop-up restaurant, ready to be installed in the most relational territory: YOUR HOUSE! Therefore, to turn your kitchen, your chinois, your manual whipper, your IKEA cutlery, your Japanese décor, your paleolithic diet, your cellaret, your pantry, your bio produce, your hipster soundtrack, and your special guests, into something even more unique. In other words: Chef Rø [aka Rogério Nuno Costa] goes to your place, cooks for you (and with you), shares his culinary secrets with your guests, teaches how to poach an egg (with or without molecular trickeries), recycles your leftovers, stores your tupperwares, pimps up your dining room, and in the end doesn’t mind posing for your Instagram, with a syphon in his hand and lots of duck face charm.

Pop Rø is also a promise of a gastronomic/artistic experience that is authentic and PERSONALIZED: adapted to your own needs and passions, it will tell more about yourself than you can imagine! Ready to launch an extravagant art’s vernissage in your house, mixing up pop art, conceptual food, cheezy fashion, hipster music and altermodern ambiance in a post-apocalyptical performance event? Don’t waste more time: ask Chef Rø to come to your place and let him customize your dinner party event!

APPOINTMENTS: o.chef.ro@gmail.com


Reenactment of the famous “Andy Warhol eating a hamburger”, as featured on Jørgen Leth’s art movie “66 Scenes From America” (1981). The hamburger is substituted by a typical Portuguese sandwich called “Bifana”. This piece was made to promote “Pop Rø”.

Concept/Performance: Rogério Nuno Costa. Camera/Editing: António MV