® [Marca Registada]


® [TradeMark] is the logical development of an experience initiated in 2010 within the frame of “Auto Rádio Alkantara“, a radio project designed by Prado for that year’s edition of Alkantara Festival, in Lisbon. Back then, Chef Rø cooked with and for artists, imagining and ritualizing the creative processes and results of performances, images, texts or just ideas into “edible” art works. The names of those dishes were the names of the artists themselves. Two years later, the conceptual operation is the same: how can a dish be able to mirror the thought and imagery of an artist’s work? In the city of Vila do Conde (Northern Portugal), Chef Rø relocates his “conceptual cooking” laboratory to that temporary place where the artistic teams participating in a performing arts Festival will live — an apartment turned into a nomadic restaurant for artists, producers, technicians and special guests to eat and socialize. During this two-week “gastronomic residency”, Chef Rø undertakes, in situ, a personalized catering service aimed to respond to the culinary whims, fetishes and food cravings of a group of theatre, dance, music and performance professionals.

® [TradeMark] was produced by Circular Festival de Artes Performativas, in Vila do Conde, Portugal (September 2012). Real time documentation happened online. Featured artists: Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Sensible Soccers, Daniel Pinheiro & Tiago Bôto, Miguel Pipa, Cláudia Dias, Rafael Toral and Margarida Mestre.