Fashion Food


FASHION FOOD™, by Fashion Thinkers feat. Chef Rø is a cross-disciplinary series of Performance Art, Food and Fashion events aimed to launch theme dinner parties inspired by the collections of renowned Portuguese fashion designers that live and work in the city of Porto. Thus, food is turned into a transversal pretext for rethinking those concepts that are shared by the fields of Fashion, Art and Gastronomy: trend, season, style, aesthetics, authorship, trademark, creation. The dishes are conceived, cooked and plated according to the plastic, conceptual and philosophical dimensions present in the designer’s last collection, and then served in a relational event where food works as a kind of extension to the clothes and the ambiance: a dinner party, a fashion/cooking show, a food design exhibition, and an audio-visual-taste experience. For fashionistas and food victims only.

“Miku’s Calaca”, with Jordann Santos
19th September 2013, @ S, M, L, XL – Fashion and Design Week
Fábrica de Santo Thyrso/Incubadora de Moda & Design

More info soon…