E-Motional: rethinking dance was an artist and manager-driven initiative, dedicated to exchange, research and artistic collaboration, co-production and touring, and audience development at European level. Between 2013 and 2015, the proposed activities included: reflection-oriented encounters for groups of dance professionals, interdisciplinary artistic residencies, sharing formats for artistic processes, co-production of new works and performance programming, professional development opportunities for dance writers and journalists, and dedicated programes for general audience, including regular dance classes, movie screenings, artist talks and lectures. The project took place in Bucharest, Riga, Porto, Bacau and Luxembourg, having been organized by Gabriela Tudor Foundation (Bucharest), as project leader, in collaboration with the Association of Professional Dance Choreographers of Latvia (Riga), Fabrica de Movimentos (Porto) and “George Apostu” Cultural Centre (Bacau), in association with Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois – TROIS C-L (Luxembourg) and “George Enescu” National Museum (Bucharest). As part of the Portuguese “team”, Rogério Nuno Costa, Joana von Mayer Trindade and Joclécio Azevedo joined the project in two different phases of its process: the first one in Portugal, the second one in Romania, where they presented the conference-performance “Dance | Crossing | Experiences | Portugal”, about the contemporary dance scene in Portugal.
To learn more on the programe and all activities visit the website www.e-motional.eu.