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“Third Way” is a fictitious manifest written for the performance MASHUP (Torres Vedras, Portugal, 2009), but its roots are in the theatre solo ESPECTÁCULO DE TEATRO (2008), where the political concepts of “finlandization”, “neutrality” and “Realpolitik” were for the first time adapted to a philosophically and artistically-driven discourse. The text suffered many changes between its first launch and the later re-appearance inside the frame of the project UNIVERSITY (2012/2014) — “Third Way” principles and statements were a major inspiration for the performances ARTISTIC (RESIDENCY) and REALPOLITIK (both premièred in 2012), which lead to the conference-performance THIRD WAY™/KOLMAS TIE™ (2013/2014) after a one-month artistic residency in Helsinki (Finland). The latter was actually promoted and publicised under the scope of the manifest’s central statement: the art of bowing to the East, without mooning the West (an humorous description of the term “finlandization” made by Finnish cartoonist Kari Suomalainen). For the performance, the manifest was re-written and revised in order to function as a sort of program of a post-apocalyptical political party, and to suit a new group of scientific, philosophical and artistic concepts: lo-fi -sophy, laziness’ism, re-re-realism, third way aesth(ethics), 1+1=3 arithm(ethics), quantum fiction, finnlosophy, petabyte age aesthetics, non-human intelligence, neutralism, the “technical tie” era, etc.


DOGMA 2005

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