Dogma 2005



Dogma 2005″ is a text written and presented publicly for the first time in 2005, in Lisbon, Portugal. The text comprises Rogério Nuno Costa’s major artistic statements and visions, also constituting a sort of “call to order” addressed to every artist from every art field. It imposes a negation of Art (and, collaterally, the artist/author) by the means of ‘Art’ itself, questioning the limits of authorship, autobiography, context, documentation, conceptuality, and fiction, at the same time subverting and disrupting its boundaries. Ever since 2005, the document has been studied by many scholars and theorists, both in Portugal and abroad; it was thoroughly used in a series of workshops and master classes directed by Rogério Nuno Costa himself, a 2-years intensive teaching program (2006/07) that led to a whole new curatorial project of its own — “The Spectator’s Opportunity” (2007/08). Later on, a synthesized version, ironically named “Dogma 2005 explained to children” was launched. From that moment on, the number of Dogma ’05 masterclasses, lectures and conferences increased, happening mainly inside the framework of art festivals, research-oriented residencies and academic research programs in some of the most important Portuguese universities, as well as in other European countries (England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and Romania). As far as 2016, the manifesto has been used by a total of 35 artists and documentary movie makers, who have decided to follow its rules and statements for a specific art piece or series.

Dogma 2005: A Prison Without Walls is now an intensive workshop aimed for art practitioners and/or theorists who have already developed some work in the fields of performing and/or visual arts, willing to be confronted with a set of rules that will question their notions of artistic freedom, the methodology behind their creative processes and, above all, the means by which they operate within the formats related to the concept of “memory”: archives, documents, leftovers, traces and tracks. The workshop is 50% practical/50% theoretical, and is developed around collective brainstormings, group research, short presentations (lectures/talks), thorough documentation (video, photo and text) and, if possible, a final public presentation.

The movie “The 5 Obstructions” [by Danish filmmakers Lars von Trier & Jørgen Leth] is used as a starting point and/or as an illustration of the questions and problematics produced. Moreover, the work sessions will be grounded in a group of references and tools produced/provoked by “Dogma 2005” itself (the text, but also its materializations: short description of previous projects, their reception and critique, their processes and results). The workshop also includes a final lecture/talk focused on the idea of “self-obstruction” as a way to achieve a more conscious and transversal notion of artistic freedom, by the reposition of the artist inside an intriguing critical frame: “the prison without walls”. This moment may be open to a broader audience, since it can work as an introduction to the projects created by the workshop participants themselves. This double public presentation may assume many different kinds of media: photography, installation, video, sound, text-based performance, dance, drama, conference/lecture-based performance, etc.

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  • July 2016 — desMOSTRA, Teatro Nacional S. João, Porto (Portugal), organized by desNORTE; workshop + conference-performance.