Dogma 2005 [workshop]

Dogma 2005 was first presented in November 2005 at Lisbon’s Teatro Taborda, Portugal, after the show FUI, sketch #7, by Rogério Nuno Costa, although its main concepts and statements were already on the making since the premiere of the Vou A Tua Casa performance trilogy in 2003. Taking the form of a manifesto, the text comprises Rogério Nuno Costa’s major artistic statements and visions at the time, also constituting a fictitious “call to order” addressed to every artist from every art field. It imposes a negation of Art (and, collaterally, the artist/author) by the means of Art itself, questioning some of the most “current” tropes of artistic practice and theory, namely the notions of authorship, autobiography, contextuality (and conceptuality), intimacy, documentation, post-truth, and the limits of artistic freedom, at the same time expanding, subverting and disrupting their epistemological boundaries. Ever since 2005, the document has been studied by a considerable group of artists and researchers, both in Portugal and abroad. It has been thoroughly used in a series of workshops and experimental seminars directed by Rogério Nuno Costa himself, a 2-year intensive teaching program (2006-2007) that has laid the basis for a whole new curatorial project of its own — The Spectator’s Opportunity (2007-2008). Later, a synthesized version, ironically named Dogma 2005 explained to children was launched. From that moment onwards, the number of Dogma 2005 masterclasses, lectures and conferences/performances has increased, mostly taking place within the framework of performing arts festivals, research-oriented residencies and cross-disciplinary artistic programmes in some important academic institutions in Portugal, The Netherlands, Germany, Romania and Finland. In 2010, the full text-manifesto, side notes and two commissioned papers (signed by André e. Teodósio and Nelson Guerreiro) were published in Atelier Real’s newspaper Leftovers, Tracks and Traces, after a two-month residency curated by David-Alexandre Guéniot. All materials were later re-organized in a retrospective interactive installation exhibited in Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde and co-produced by Circular Festival (Vila do Conde, 2010). In 2013, a special version of the workshop is made available for kids (aged 8 to 12) and teens (aged 13 to 18), in cooperation with schools and other educational institutions. More here. Starting in 2015, the workshop turns into a broader experimental laboratory, migrating to the meta-academic research project UNIVERSITY | YLIOPISTO. As far as 2017, the manifesto has been used and studied by more than 50 artists, scholars, writers, documentary movie makers and pedagogues.

Dogma 2005: A Prison Without Walls is now an intensive workshop aimed for art practitioners and/or theorists who have already developed some work in the fields of performing and/or visual arts, willing to be confronted with a set of rules that will question their notions of artistic freedom, the methodology behind their creative processes and, above all, the means by which they operate within the spectrum of concepts and formats related with “memory”: archival and taxonomic exercises for the organization/systematization of leftovers, traces and tracks, or how can the ephemeral be documented. The workshop is 50% practical/50% theoretical, and is developed around collective brainstormings, group research, short presentations (lectures/talks), thorough documentation (video, photo and text) and, when possible, a final public presentation. Lars von Trier & Jørgen Leth’s meta-documentary movie The 5 Obstructions is used as a starting point and/or an illustration of the problematics discussed. All work sessions are grounded in a group of references and tools produced and provoked by Dogma 2005 itself (the text, but also its materializations: short description of previous projects, their reception and critique, their processes and results). The workshop can also include a final lecture or talk focused on the idea of “self-obstruction”, as well as a public showcase of the participants’ in-progress projects through short performances (or lecture-performances), video/photography/documentation exhibitions, round tables, city excursions, etc. This double presentation may assume other materializations according to the length and conceptual scope of the workshop, but also the participants’ backgrounds and the projects produced by them.



2018-2019 — UNFINISHED Summer School | The Academy As Performance. Armazém 22, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. Two-week intensive seminar/laboratory. “Dogma 2005” thoroughly used during the tutorial sessions led in collaboration with choreographer Joclécio Azevedo. Two editions.

2018 — RECURSO, theatre course produced by Estrutura in collaboration with mala voadora, Porto, Portugal. Two-week laboratory + participants’ final presentation in the form of lecture-performance.

2017 — WORDS & SPACES STUDIO. Lecture at Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture, within the frame of the Master in Arts programme: Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art. Espoo, Finland. 

2016-2017 — DOGMA TEENS. Workshop for teenagers, led in collaboration with Cátia Pinheiro. For the educational program DESAFIA-TE, organized by Santa Maria da Feira Municipality at Biblioteca Municipal de Santa Maria da Feira and Imaginarius – Centro de Criação, Feira, Portugal. Two editions.

2016 — desMOSTRA, Mosteiro S. Bento da Vitória/Teatro Nacional S. João, Porto (Portugal), organized by desNORTE. Lecture.

2015 — ZonaD dancelabs, organized by Gabriela Tudor Foundation in collaboration with ODD Gallery and modulab, Bucharest (Romania). Two-week Workshop + Lecture (A Prison without Walls) + participants’ final presentation.

2014-2020 — Minho University, Guimarães (Portugal). One-semester creation laboratory in collaboration with Theatre 2nd year students. “Dogma 2005” used as processual methodology. Four school-years/editions.

2013 — Coimbra University (Portugal). Lecture within the Major in Artistic Studies, facilitated by Professor Fernando Matos de Oliveira.

2013 — Minho University, Guimarães (Portugal). Lecture within the Major in Architecture, facilitated by Professor José Capela.

2013 — Dspace dance school, Matosinhos (Portugal). Workshop for children aged 8-12 years old, in collaboration with Cátia Pinheiro and facilitated by Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica.

2012 — Teatro da Rainha, Caldas da Rainha (Portugal). One-week workshop in dialogue with the theatre project Residência (Artística), directed by Rogério Nuno Costa.

2011 — Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Coimbra (Portugal). Three-day workshop facilitated by Fundação da Universidade de Coimbra.

2010 — Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, Lisbon (Portugal). One-week theatre seminar in collaboration with the Major in Theatre students, facilitated by theatre director Pedro Penim and in dialogue with the project “Ch-ch-ch-changes”. Final presentation at D. Maria II National Theatre (Lisbon).

2010 — Atelier Real, Lisbon (Portugal). Two-month residency for the documentation of the project “The Spectator’s Opportunity”. The residency included a one-week workshop with Theatre students, with the collaboration of choreographer João Fiadeiro.

2009 — Faculdade de Belas-Artes, Lisbon (Portugal). Lecture for Master in Multimedia Art students.

2008-2009 — ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Arnhem (The Netherlands). Two-week intensive workshop for the Dance and Choreography bachelor and master degree students, within the frame of the Open Form Composition programme. Two editions.

2008 — Circular/Festival de Artes Performativas, Vila do Conde (Portugal). One-week intensive laboratory within the frame of “The Curator’s School”, the third performative/educational iteration of “The Spectator’s Opportunity”, project curated by Rogério Nuno Costa. The laboratory included the workshop (+ final presentation) and a series of lectures related with Dogma 2005.

2007 — Ninho de Víboras, Almada (Portugal). The one-week workshop took place in Almada’s Ponto de Encontro.

2007 — Tanzfabrik, Fabrikationen Festival, Berlin (Germany). Two-week intensive laboratory followed by a lecture-performance, a video-installation and the participants’ final presentation.

2007 — Censura Prévia, Braga (Portugal). One-week workshop.

2007 — Dancekiosk Festival, Kampnagel, Hamburg (Germany). Three-day intensive workshop in dialogue with the presentation of Vou A Tua Casa in the same festival.

2007 — C.E.M./Forum Dança, Lisbon (Portugal). One-week workshop within the programme FC Verão.

2007 — Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica, Porto (Portugal). Two-week workshop.

2006 — Transforma, Torres Vedras (Portugal). Two-week workshop in dialogue with Vou A Tua Casa | Documentation Project, produced by Transforma/A8 Festival.

2006-2010 — Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Caldas da Rainha (Portugal). One-semester intensive seminar with students in the Bachelor and Master degree in Theatre. 3 editions.