Vou A Tua Casa | Projecto de Documentação

Going To Your Place — Documentation Project (2006/07)

Cross-disciplinary editorial project aimed to compile a set of documental materials produced and collected during the public presentation of the performing work Vou A Tua Casa/Going To Your Place (2003/2006), a home-delivered theatrical experience comprising three distinct yet complementary performances: the first one happening in the spectator’s houses, the second one in public places chosen by the spectator, the third one in Rogério Nuno Costa‘s own house. Due to its ephemerality, which is its main subject and concept, but also the astonishing number of artists, critics, journalists, researchers, art students, art historians and cultural programmers who got interested by many different aspects of the project throughout the years, I decided to imortalize the memory of an artistic adventure in a concept book and a video faux-documentary. More than a mere speculation about the residues left by a particularly fragile performance, this “documentation project” is built upon the documentary practice itself, especially when applied to the performing arts field, hence operating critically in such concepts as: memory, intimacy, public/private space, site-specificity and autobiography. Through the invitation of a vast group of collaborators from numerous artistic and para-artistic fields (who contributed both visually, textually and conceptually to the book and the documentary) and the insertion of new materials and testimonies (from people who haven’t seen any of the performances, for instance), this project has gained its own autonomy, despite the fact that it is inspired by “Going To Your Place”. Six years after the end of the trilogy, the “catalogue” retraces the geo-emotional path wandered by an artist, a performance and its viewers, visiting the towns of Lisbon, Torres Vedras, London, Oporto, Hamburg, Covilhã, Berlin, Braga, Caldas da Rainha, Évora, Arnhem and Amares. It also offers the reader/viewer a range of theoretical approaches to some of the most important subjects that affect nowadays’ contemporary art thinking and practice.

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Concept, Edition, Direction
Rogério Nuno Costa
Graphic Direction
Nuno Coelho
Editorial Coordination
Mónica Guerreiro
Ana Cardim, Ana Pais, André e. Teodósio, André Guedes, Beatriz Cantinho, Carlos Bunga, Cláudia Jardim, Cláudia Madeira, DJ Next Track, Franz Anton Cramer, Jeremy Xido, João Carneiro, José Luís Neves, Luís Firmo, Luísa Casella, Maria de Assis, Maria Lemos, Natacha Paulino, Nelson Guerreiro, Pierre von Kleist Editions (André Príncipe & José Pedro Cortes), Ramiro Guerreiro, Rui Ribeiro, Teresa Prima, Verónica Metello and a selected group of “ex-spectators”.
Financial Support
Presidência do Conselho de Ministros/Direcção-Geral das Artes
Transforma AC, Artinsite, Câmara Municipal de Amares, Advancing Performing Arts Project, Prado/espaço ruminante, Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Andar Filmes, DIF, Censura Prévia AC, Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica, Companhia de Danca Contemporânea de Évora, Dance Kiosk, Tanzfabrik, ArtEZ/Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, [msdm], Ninho de Víboras, Forum Dança, Centro em Movimento, Festival Sonda, Festival Alkantara, Lupa Festival, Circular/Festival de Artes Performativas de Vila do Conde, Festival Encontrarte, A Sala, Geraldine, Atelier Re.Al, Nomad Dance Academy, O Espaço do Tempo, Quarta Parede, Teatro Universitário do Minho, Universidade Católica do Porto, Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, Escola Superior de Artes e Design/Caldas da Rainha, Galeria ZDB, Teatro Praga.
Physical Publication
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