Arte Da Mangiare

A post-modernist, post-structuralist and post-mortem gourmet recipe by Chef Rø [aka Rogério Nuno Costa] created for TELL Festival, a special event launched in Porto (Portugal) where all artists must perform for up to 10 minutes in total darkness. The performance took place at the mythical club Passos Manuel, and consisted in a fictitious radio cooking show:

“ARTE DA MANGIARE will teach the housewives how to cook Post-Modernist Art [aka rhetorical terrorism] in little prophylactic [aka cultural placebos] and antihistamine [aka the annoyance as the new avant-garde] tasting shots. ARTE DA MANGIARE is indigestible: a Goronsan way out of its expiration date.”

Concept/Performance: Rogério Nuno Costa | Jingle: Steven Bird | Text: Nuno Miguel & Rogério Nuno Costa | Consultancy: Cátia Pinheiro & José Nunes | Support: Prado.