POP RØ goes Thug Unicorn. That means POP RØ goes pink glazed honey cream shot oily salted caramel and then puffy glittery smoothy crunchy spongy chimichurri served with a side of shredded thai hindi afro euro sugary raw sushi with lots of rainbow flambé sauté sucré velouté topped with balsamic acidic baconic chocolatic foamy cheesy chèvry mobile-recipy jelly candy cocoa-friendly lollipop popcorn popnorm and pop-unicorn fritters and fritattas fajitas and enchiladas filled with guacamole shriracha moamba pavlova goulasch vatapá and jacarandá and a gelatto de farinheira and a semifreddo de açorda de miso de vickyssoise de salada niçoise for dessert with loads of spicy hot hot hot and then ice ice baby spinach sprinkled with marshmallow mushroomy nutty meaty veggie mashed-up-potato covered with a unicorn-shaped petit gâteaux served in a shiny bruschetta pancetta punheta de bacalhau fast-cooked in a burger queen mickey mouse au chocolat avec du caffe latte latte latte que eu tô passando, vai! To cut this long story short, POP RØ goes americano. That is, POP RØ goes Thug. That is, POP RØ goes Unicorn. That is, PO RØ goes the World™.
  • Pink lemonade in a mason jar
  • Olive oil & creamy carrot balsamic emulsion for bread dipping
  • Warm bulgur salad in a glass, with roasted veg, honey cashews & cilantro cream
  • Tomato velouté shot w/ sour cream & chives
  • Thai-style spring rolls w/ mango sauce
  • Spoon of port-glazed figs w/ melted chèvre & prosciutto
  • Peas/feta/mint bruschettas
  • Shredded beet, peach and cucumber salad w/ cheated pesto
  • Corn/bean/bacon salad w/ chimichurri
  • Chicken ramen w/ “alentejana” broth
  • Apple puff-tart w/ vanilla marshmallow ice-cream & salted caramel
  • Watermelon/ginger/lime punch
  • Rainbow brigadeiro b-day cake

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